The title [anderkawer] is a made-up word, blending the phonetic spelling of the English word undercover and its pronunciation with a German accent.


Hollywood Detective Agency
Report, 1947

The war’s over, my detective agency is now located in Berlin’s American Sector. Due to the war, there’s a surplus of women; there are many single mothers, unmarried ones, too. I found a debate over the status of single mothers in a women’s magazine. And listen to this: the single mothers should live with other women! We know what that’s all about, don’t you think? The discussion on artificial semination could also be interesting for our investigations.

I consider it essential to place married and unmarried women on an equal footing if we want to obtain singles who are well-suited for motherhood.

It could be said that the cohabitation of two women with children is today similar to a marriage in which one partner is active inside the home, the other outside.

Due to the clear importance of the question of artificial insemination among human beings in an ethical, social, medical, and juridical sense, a discussion of this issue seems vitally important in Germany with its virtually tragic surplus of women.