The title [anderkawer] is a made-up word, blending the phonetic spelling of the English word undercover and its pronunciation with a German accent.


Hollywood Detective Agency
Report, 1936

Investigations have stalled, homosexual gathering places have been closed, magazines banned. Lesbian women and mothers are being denounced and so I now should observe the Homosexuality Squad at Alexanderplatz in order to get on their trail. Thanks to my old police badge I was able to get a hold of the secret files and discovered an astonishingly lesbian family. But I was too late: Mrs. Barfuß and her partner Büttner were already held in investigative custody. They were convicted to nine and six months of imprisonment for procurement because they gave their underage daughters, also lesbians, the possibility to “fornicate” in their household with various girlfriends.*

  1. The files reveal a liberal attitude in this family from the working classes that also was involved in the lesbian scene. For example, the works of Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld were read in the household.  At the time of investigation, the women were not members of a political party.
I can only think that Mrs. Barfuss led her children down this path and taught them the practice of the lesbians.
Investigative photograph
Nine and three months prison
But I also admit that the six women living together, some of whom wearing masculine clothing or pajamas and showing themselves as couples in public, must have stuck out.