The title [anderkawer] is a made-up word, blending the phonetic spelling of the English word undercover and its pronunciation with a German accent.


Hollywood Detective Agency
Report, 1942

War, persecution, oppression. Investigations are quite arduous. In a climate of denunciation, I encountered one case in which a woman active as a lesbian* and mother reported her own lover to the police. Even if that meant betraying herself and ruining a secure existence for her and her children, this shows that we are capable of anything and are by far from just victims, in these dark days. The greatest caution is required, I can’t put it any differently: the files speak for themselves.

  1. Mrs. Reimann was a member of the Nationalsozialistische Volkswohlfahrt.
…but then I was forced to realize that they are both morally degenerate and wanted to win me over for their purposes.
Reimann should be obligated to serve under Division 5 and the Youth Welfare Office should be alerted because of the existing danger of child neglect.
…he called his daughter a “gay sow” and my apartment a “whore’s basement.”